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The JRS BUSINESS CORPORATION was organized by its original incorporators and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the 16th of June 1960. It was granted a franchise by the defunct Congress in 1961 under Republic Act #3260 to conduct a messenger and delivery express service for a period of fifty (50) years.

In the same year of 1961, the company was acquired by the late Dr. Jaime L. Claparols who reorganized the company, infused fresh capital and technical Know-how. Under the leadership of the late Dr. Jaime L. Claparols, who served as chairman and President from that time on until his untimely demise in December, 1975, the company grew steadily through the years. By that time, the company had expanded its scope of operations to include 130 branches nationwide to meet the rising demands of its clientele. In 1971,the JRS BUSINESS CORPORATION expanded its business operations to include air freight forwarding. It was granted a letter of authority to engage in the business of domestic air freight forwarder by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). This makes the JRS BUSINESS CORPORATION as one of the few companies with dual authority. With the promulgation of PD # 240 in 1973, JRS BUSINESS CORPORATION was granted an authority to operate Express and/ or Messenger Delivery Service by the Post master General. In 1980, JRS BUSINESS CORPORATION adopted and registered the trade name "JRS Express" for its use in order to place emphasis and stress its capability of effecting next-day delivery of express mail matters. Thereafter, in order to cope up with the requirements of its growing clientele, the JRS BUSINESS CORPORATION further expanded its service to the international market. The Civil Aeronautical Board (CAB) granted it authority to operate International Air Freight Forwarder in 1982. To date, the JRS BUSINESS CORPORATION (JRS Express) from its humble beginning has risen, modesty aside, to an outstanding messengerial services company providing employment to about 1,000 employees and with over 280 branches nationwide.

To be the leading courier company meeting the daily needs of the mailing public and build sustainable competitive strengths and gain leading position in the industry.

To continuously provide the Filipino people communications and delivery facilities to the world at the lowest possible cost at fastest possible time.

HALL OF FAME AWARDEE AS OUTSTANDING MESSENGERIAL SERVICE COMPANY (YEAR 2000) 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000  Awardee by the Consumers Union of the Philippines.